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Learn to love yourself and express your creativity


Loving Inquiry is a powerful mentorship program
designed to help you free your creative potential.

Through transformational mentoring sessions, you will learn to follow your creative impulses, reclaim your joyful curiosity and tell your stories in a new way.

As a creative woman, you need:

  1. Time, focus and support to open to your authentic creativity. Loving Inquiry offers inspirational tools and practices for developing the courage and confidence to express yourself freely.

  2. Love and compassion for yourself as you explore your creative possibilities. Loving inquiry  supports you to practice being present, gentle and loving with yourself as you explore your creative voice.

  3. A safe, nurturing space to transform the blocks to your artistic expression. Loving Inquiry provides powerful guidance in a sacred container of open-hearted, non-judgemental attention.


Is it time to birth yourself and your creative power in the world?

 Loving Inquiry will support you to:

 * Slow down, pay attention and listen within for the creative impulse
* Identify beliefs and behaviours that stop you from expressing your creativity
* Build the courage and confidence to share your voice and tell your stories
* Connect with your inner strength, compassion and artistic inspiration


Is this you?

~You have spent years denying your artistic talent

~You have substituted food, shopping or internet for creativity

~No matter what you create, it is never good enough

~You often judge your art and compare it to others

~You believe following your artistic passion would be selfish

~You see other women around you as creative, but not yourself

~You are afraid to be too boastful or too ambitious

~You feel bad or guilty when you take time for yourself

~You are at a point where you realize you deserve support

Loving Inquiry will help you:

~ Make your creativity a priority

~ Move from limitation to possibilities

~ Play in the unknown of your imagination

~ Embrace the unique ways you create beauty

~ Transform old patterns of self-doubt and distraction

~Let go of perfectionism and accept yourself as you are

~Feel free to express yourself with confidence, courage and joy

~Learn about who you are and what deeply matters to you







 Make a commitment to yourself and your creative life!

Join a vibrant community of creative women who play at what they love.

Discover your own magic, aliveness and wonder.

Start your journey of Loving Inquiry now!

I will help you listen to what is inside you that wants to be let out—and guide you to find the courage and the confidence to speak, write, paint, dance, and dream into your most authentic, creative self. Together, we will walk through the Gates of Loving Inquiry, archetypal tools which I developed to facilitate authentic creative exploration and personal reflection.


 Join me for a program of personal discovery and creative immersion.


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