I am here to help you love yourself and believe in your unique creativity. 

I will be a caring catalyst in your transformation from doubtful hesitation to confident enthusiasm.

Through the practice of Loving Inquiry, you will learn to let go of judgement and celebrate each little (and big) step you take toward your art.

The Path of Loving Inquiry

Making time for yourself and your creativity can be a challenge.

Instead of experiencing the joy and pleasure of creating, you feel frustrated and disappointed.

Too many things demand your attention or you’re afraid of not being “good enough”.

With the support of Loving Inquiry, you will learn to face your fears and ease up on your expectations.

You will feel good about taking the time you need to explore your possibilities for expression.

 This will allow you to bloom as an artist.

The Heart of Creative Mentorship

The creative process is a place of mystery, vulnerability and uncertainty.

Learning how not to be afraid of the unknown is a part of every artist’s creative journey.

Creative Mentorship gives you permission to explore your thoughts, feelings, dreams, intuitions, curiosities.

 You will become a brave and compassionate companion to your artistic self.

Embracing A Creative Life

 For over 25 years, I have been summoning the courage and self-compassion to keep expressing my authentic creativity. This has included nurturing my personal artistic process as well as cultivating many fertile creative collaborations.

Here’s some of the highlights:

 In 1998, I published a book of poems, Womb: Weaving of My Being.

In 1999, I wrote and starred in my first play Chelo, at the Summerstock Theatre Festival in Vancouver. The a few years later, I performed two one-woman shows, Ahava, Alive and Aloud (2005) and Ahava in Wonderland.(2006) 

After performing spoken word poetry at bookstores, cafes, festivals and conferences across North America and Northern Europe for 15 years, in 2010 I produced my first spoken word CD, Love is Like This,

Since 1987, I have been studying various dance/movement practices including Afro-Caribbean dance, Israeli Folk dance (in Jerusalem), Balinese Legong (in Ubud), Inner Dance (in Scottsdale, Arizona), Five Rhythms (at Esalen, Omega and on Salt Spring Island), Argentinian Tango, and more recently, at Robbyn Scott’s Antler Ridge Studio on Salt Spring.

In 2012, I curated the first Pieces of Her Story, an art exhibit showcasing the multi-media works of Salt Spring women artists whom I was mentoring with Loving Inquiry. As a part of the 2014 Pieces of Her Story Festival, I performed Curve, my first solo dance piece with the guidance of choreographer Martha Carter of Marta Marta Productions.

Now called She Said, the art show has just mounted its fifth exhibit at Artspring

After completing my PhD in Language & Literacy Education, where I developed the arts-based practice of Loving Inquiry, I hosted a one-hour weekly radio show called Love in the Afternoon on CFSI FM radio of Salt Spring Island. (2010-2013)

At that time, I also started using the four practices of Writing Alone Together (Writing Freely, Reading Aloud, Listening Deeply & Bearing Witness) to mentor groups of young writers at Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS). Through a dynamic collaboration between Connecting Generations, the Salt Spring Arts Council and ArtStarts/BC Arts Council, the GISS Writers’ Group has published three anthologies of our writing: Scattered Change, Paper Airplanes and Writers of the Square Table. 

Click here to watch a short video about Creating a Safe Space through Writing Alone Together.

ahavaappearancesIn 2014, as a response to the threat of tankers on the coast of BC, I sang and acted in the wildly appreciated Only Planet Cabaret, a unique collaboration of five Salt Spring artists sharing a transformative journey through story-telling, poetry, music and theatre. Through our sold-out performances over one year in several cities on the West Coast, we raised over $9,000 for groups working to protect the environment.

In that same year, I published Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection, with my co-authors Lynda Monk and Wendy Judith Cutler. It had taken the three of us seven years to birth this beautiful book. Now this transformative practice of journalling with others is being shared around the world. 

In 2017, I began an exciting new project called Home Words-Writing in Community in which I am training a group of multigenerational writers to facilitate more Writing Alone Together groups on Salt Spring Island. This fabulous project is allowing us to reach out to populations who can benefit from the compassionate community-building cultivated through this transformative practice.

 A partnership between the Salt Spring Arts Council and Connecting Generations, Home Words is being funded through a BC Arts Council “Arts-Based Community Development Grant” and through the Salt Spring Foundation.

During the summer of 2017, I participated in the Art & Nature Festival of the Salt Spring Island Nature Conservancy, held at Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve.

It was an honour to dance the Dragonfly in a beautiful felted costume made by Laurie Steffler of Salt Spring Fiber Adventures.

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