When the path through the forest is dark &

tangled and you need some light to shine on it

When the stormy wind blows and leaves you

pummeled and nothing seems to fit


When the deep blue ocean makes you shudder

and you need some calm waves on the spit

When all that surrounds is what gets you down

and you decide its better to quit


A Year to Love might be your salvation

a harbor in the dark of the night

A calm resting spot from which you might

begin to engage with your plight.


Ahavaʼs harbour is warm and inviting

a safe place amidst all the storms

to reconsider what really matters

itʼs a place that really warms


the light shines here

rays illuminating the way

a circle of warmth like the sun


if you are not sure,

and want to find out

what it is that you are about


so come rest awhile,

explore and listen

be heard, and hear as well 
face fears,


feel laughter

engage with delight

for this is a sweet place to dwell.


kick start your art

find your inner smart

connect with your dreams

let them dictate your themes


encounter some tears

unfurl your fears

Open your heart

and glean what you find


you will be held with compassion for sure

breathe deep and know
that what is within

can only be perfect & pure


So thank you Ahava for creating this space

for us to begin to know
the voice that is ours

residing inside
the one that will help us to grow.


Jane Mackenzie