Join us for the 3rd Annual Art Exhibit by students and alumni of A Year to Love. 

Explore the creative process of ten Island women:

Adele Storm, Linda Underwood, Selena Barwin, Norma Hoeppner, Helen Hinchliff, Sam Barlow, Charlene Wolff, Jane Mackenzie, Premilla Pillay and Dr. Ahava Shira, mentor and curator.

Art Exhibit Opening Reception
Friday November 6 5-7:30pm
Browse the exhibit, meet the artists and enjoy organic treats!

Pieces of Your Story: Writing Workshop
Saturday November 7th 1-4pm  Cost: $20
Join Dr. Ahava Shira for an afternoon of exploration in writing. Discover and share your unique story.

Stories call us to open our hearts and make real contact with the world inside and around us. Tuning into our senses, feelings, memories and metaphors, we come more fully into the present. Opening to the moment with curiousity, spontaneity and a sense of play, we release our voices freely onto the page. Telling and sharing our unique stories, we listen deeply and bear witness to the wisdom and beauty at the heart of each other’s lives.

“When we come together and share our stories, it expands our notion of what is possible. It changes the person telling the story, it changes whoever is listening to the story, and it changes how we understand our own story.” —Ai-Jen Pod