“Writing is a way, and not necessarily the only way, to open up the word and the world, and our lives within that world for attention, discussion, understanding, re-imagining and re-creating.”
                                                   Cynthia Chambers

Our ways of writing and telling about our lives are not fixed nor static, there is always the possibility of transformation. Our stories are always in process. Although we become accustomed to telling the same story over and over again, there is always the possibility of changing the story.

Although we may think of our memories from the past as being concrete and true, when we write them down and speak them aloud, we do not just tell them as “the truth,” we also add our perspective to the storyline.

This has been my journey over the past thirty years, begun when I opened my first journal and started to write my life.Through writing and rewriting my stories in my journals, poems, plays and books, performances and academic texts, I have been exploring new ways of telling who I am and what matters to me.

My words on the page and the stage have helped me craft a new life of love and beauty, creativity and compassion.This transformational process is the process of Loving Inquiry. It is how I support women to heal and expand their lives.

As a mentor, my gift is in paying attention, and helping my students to come closer to their own stories, voices and lives.

  • Creating a space for students to explore their relationships to the world and to themselves, and to understand more deeply who they are and what matters to them.

  • Listening and helping them to tune in to their unique ways of telling and sharing.

  • Offering them a reflection on their particular expressions.

  • Supporting them to trust in their abilities to transform their stories and experience their lives in new ways.

  • Engaging them to find the possibilities beyond their limiting beliefs and habitual patterns.

  • Reminding them that they are the authors of their lives and have the power to shape their stories in supportive and nourishing ways.


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