Is it time to birth yourself into your creative power?


I am here to help you write and express your authentic voice. 

 Learn to let go of judgement, follow your creative impulses and celebrate each little (and big) step you take toward your writing life.

Making time for ourselves and our creativity can be challenging.

Too many things demand our attention.

Instead of experiencing joy and pleasure in the creative process,

we feel frustrated, anxious and disappointed.

With the support of Loving Inquiry, we learn to give ourselves time and space

to explore our possibilities for expression.

 This allows us to bloom as writers.

The creative process is a place of mystery and uncertainty.

Learning how not to be afraid of the unknown is a part of every writer’s journey.

 Through Writing Alone Together, we practice putting words down on the page

 with a freedom and intention to accept whatever emerges.

   Thus we become compassionate witnesses to our lives.

For over 25 years, I have been devoted to exploring my authentic voice as a writer  

 inspired and expanded through movement/dance, theatre, storytelling, performance and collage. I love  mentoring others in the writing process and creating safe, supportive spaces where diverse voices are seen, heard and valued. 

Here are some of the highlights:

In 1998, I published a book of poems, Womb: Weaving of My Being. After launching in Vancouver, a cross-Canada tour followed with performances in Montreal, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Nelson, Kelowna, Kamloops and Victoria.

In 1999, I wrote and starred in my first play Chelo, at the Summerstock Theatre Festival in Vancouver.

In 2005 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Curriculum Studies from the University of Victoria where I explored writing as a way of knowing, being and loving.

In 2010, I received my PhD in Language & Literacy Education, where I developed the arts-based practice of Loving Inquiry. That fall, I began offering mentorships in Loving Inquiry through day-long and weekend retreats in my studio.

In 2010 I also produced my first spoken word CD, Love is Like This after performing my poetry at bookstores, cafes, festivals and conferences across North America and Northern Europe for 15 years

Since 2011, I have been facilitating workshops and retreats in Writing Alone Together with diverse populations on Salt Spring Island and in communities in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2014after seven years of creative collaboration, I co-authored  Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection with Lynda Monk and Wendy Judith Cutler

From 2017-2019, through an exciting project called Home Words-Writing in Community, I trained new facilitators to facilitate more Writing Alone Together groups on Salt Spring Island.

In 2018 & 2019, I facilitated Writing Alone Together with women attending the Fusion Retreat with Martha Carter of TOPS. Held at Ocean Resort on Vancouver Island, over three days we danced, practiced yoga and wrote about our experiences with Scoliosis and living with a fused spine.

In 2019-2020, I am collaborating with writer Claire Sicherman to offer Truth Be Told retreats on Salt Spring Island. On September 22, we facilitated Writing Your Authentic Voice. On February 9th we are facilitating Writing the Language of Pleasure.

On January 3-4, 2020 I offered A Work of Art: A 5 Rhythms + Loving Inquiry workshop with Shauna Devlin.

I am currently writing a memoir called Curve: Shape of A Life.

Inspired by the possibilities for your own writing… I would love to support you. Click here to learn more!