You have a strong desire to 

… write for self-reflection, healing, empowerment & creativity.

… free your voice and tell your life stories.

… express yourself in ways that are nourishing, liberating, empowering.

… find joy and a deep connection with yourself through words

… experience the warmth and intimacy of a supportive circle of writers

who cheer each other on and encourage each other.

belong to a group where there is safety and trust.

You are

… committed to caring for yourself, although you are still learning how.

… devoted to your own learning and growth as a lifelong journey.

… excited about the possibilities for playing with words

to heal, discover, connect, imagine, grow.

… hungry for self-understanding.

… a kind and caring soul, interested in self-love as a threshold

into glorious divine, ecstatic being.

… a yogi, meditator who has read Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg,

and who listens to Pema Chodron, Tara Brach on YouTube.


… deeply touched by books and how they have inspired

and consoled and empowered you.

… in the midst of change: divorce, house moving,

entering new relationship or have sustained a loss, illness.

… entering the next chapter or story of your life and

are curious about how it might unfold.

You want to

…heal, grow, stretch yourself.

…become at peace (and at play) with who you are.

…write your life to glean who you are and what matters to you, and who you are becoming.

… honour your love of learning. 

… befriend the inner critic, so they do not stop you from speaking your truth.

feel more confident in using your voice, and sharing your story.

You love

… the process of personal exploration.

… being guided on a journey to discover new parts of yourself.

… to explore uncharted territory.

… being in the unknown of the writing process.

… the poetry of Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Marie Howe, Jane Hirshfield.

… being present and open to life.

… the wisdom of your own voice and expression.

… your vulnerability yet you also are shy, cautious, hesitant to share your inside with others.

… reading and listening to authors who know how to use words in beautiful, poetic and captivating ways. 

… being challenged, surprised, and meeting yourself on an even deeper level than you think is possible.