On Saturday evening April 1, I shared a slide show of my photographs along with other Salt Spring photographers at a show curated by Salt Spring photographer David Wisdom.

I had never created a slideshow in the way David had asked of me. He suggested I choose a theme and then put the images to music of some kind.
I began by gathering some of my favourite images from photos I have taken over the past 10 years. As I perused my iPhotos folders, I became curious about the types of images and subjects I have chosen to shoot. As I continued to look at my photos, themes of my work started to become apparent with one of the most surprising revelations being the patterns of objects, by number and colour, the prevalence of the natural world and my abiding attraction to clothing worn by folks who live in the cities I have visited.
The title of my presentation emerged when I was walking through Sidney BC with my husband, and taking photos of whatever appealed to me. At one point, I stopped and noticed how taking photos allowed me to pause, and slow my pace, and to pay closer attention to what I was seeing. I realized that it was my deliberate intention to absorb the beauty of my environment that made me stop. Then I remembered a favourite quote by artist and writer J. Ruth Gendler:
Beauty allows us to rest. Beauty invites us to respond with our own beauty. Beauty speaks of our real connection to existence.
With that recognitions, I chose Beauty allows us to rest as the title of my show.
Here are some of the photos I shared in the slideshow.
What patterns do you notice? What photo of your own would you put in here next?