Love is Like This

cd-cover 20 tracks of spoken word poetry evoking the dance of relationship. From the intimacy of first crush to sweet and sour memories of kisses, these poems are courageous, full of power, grace and the resilient beauty of human and nature connection. Watch a video here…

Writing Alone Together


A collaboration between Lynda Monk, Ahava Shira and Wendy Judith Cutler, Writing Alone Together was published by Butterfly Press in November, 2014. Purchase the book here…



Weaving of My Being

book-cover1 This inspiring collection of poems bears witness to the courageous journey of healing from childhood abuse and its post-traumatic effects. The poems honour the survivor in every woman and celebrate the joy of being alive. Read the title poem here…


Experience Writing as a Communal Practice

Part memoir, part writing practice, part inspiration, this book is a multi voiced creation of three passionate and committed journal writers. Writing Alone Together reveals the depth and complexity that emerges from going to the blank page, transforming the act of writing into a catalyst for meaningful conversation, storytelling, mindfulness, personal growth, creative self-expression and mutual support.

As we share and reveal our stories within these pages and within our journalling circle, we begin to see new perspectives, gain clarity, find solutions, celebrate accomplishments, notice and change patterns of behaviour and refine our understanding of our life experiences. In this process, we make meaning through our stories, constructing who we are and who we are becoming.

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