Painting by Christie Oades

It was a day full of delicious creative, collaborative meetings.

The first with my writing sisters, with whom I am co-authoring a book called Women Writing Alone Together. We have been meeting like this for over 5 years, writing and reading our words to each other, learning about who we are and why we are so compelled to journal. Our project seems to have picked up velocity in the past few weeks as we shared “The Invitation” to the book with friends and colleagues. I don’t think we anticipated how much receiving their feedback, encouragement and excitement would propel us.

We have chosen an editor to work with, to guide us toward moving the book to completion. I feel so grateful, as this is such meaningful project to me, who has been journal writing for 25 years this summer. Between the three of us we have been journal writing for over 90 years.That’s a lot of notebooks!!!!

This has been a journey of patience and faith, and unknowing, trust and transformation. There have been a few times when we almost dropped the project altogether. Now look at where we are!


Painting by Christie Oades

The second meeting was with a current creative mentoring client who has passionately taken the reins of her creative process and is discovering so much about herself, her voice, her art and her heart. What is so fantastic about her journey is that I didn’t know what it was going to look like when I told her I’d support her. I had to trust that together, with my experience and support, and her willingness and commitment to the process, we would uncover the way. So it is quite incredible to witness how she is learning to trust her own process now, and how that has happened through having been supported by my trust of her. And there is still so much that is unknown, which means there is so much to learn.

I am so amazed by how it all works. I love learning. I love the magic, and the mayhem too sometimes, and the openings, and the love and compassion that arise as we all become more intimate through the process of creating for ourselves and with others, whether we are writing a book, developing businesses or creating a performance.