“Writers often experience exhilaration, fear, or dread… It’s both exciting and dangerous.”
                                                                  Kristjana Gunnars


Have you always dreamt of being a writer?
Have you often felt like there was something inside of you that you wanted to express but then the critical voice comes in and questions:
          “But can I really do it, I mean do I really have what it takes to be a writer?
Receiving support for our dreams can be difficult!    We may not be sure we deserve it or that we can “pull it off.”


As a writer who has spent the last 30 years learning to tell my stories on the page, I know how challenging it can be. Sometimes the words sound exactly how I want them to sound. Sometimes my inner critic steals the attention.
I have experienced moments of delight and exhilaration, followed by moments of anxiety and despair.


What I have learned, over and over, is how much I benefit from a supportive community of writers
where no matter how my words land on the page they are ALWAYS
accepted, appreciated and celebrated!
Where the group acts as a creative midwife,
helping to birthe my stories, embrace my imaginative impulses,
and connect to my deeper self.



As a writing mentor, this is the kind of space I create for my students.