You enter the garden because you love creation.”
Alan Chadwick


Cultivate a safe and sacred place for your writing, 

Dig deeper and uncover your unique voice, 

Nurture the companionship of a kind, caring, and joyful community of writers

 devoted to inspiring and empowering each other’s beautiful words,


 Join me for


Enter the Garden 

 A 6 Month CREATIVE Writing Journey


Here’s how it works:



Weekly writing alone together sessions  2 hours

Each session begins with a meditation to relax and settle into the mood to write. Then after a check-in, we go to the page, inspired by a prompt from the Gates of Loving Inquiry—nourishing qualities of attention and engagement. Then we read our words and receive feedback from Ahava and others in the group. 


Monthly group editing sessions.   3 hours

Each month we listen more closely to our own and each other’s words, identify themes emerging, explore techniques for editing and revising, and ask curious questions to encourage further exploration of craft, style and form. 


Final Group Anthology & Peerformance

Each of us will work on completing a series of pieces of writing that we feel good about.  

Toward the end of our journey, we will also organize a spoken word  “peerformance” 

with an audience of invited guests.


Enter the Garden 

January 26 and runs to the end of July 2023.

Thursday mornings


This CREATIVE writing mentorship includes:

~Weekly 2-hour writing sessions with prompts and practices from the *gates of loving inquiry 

to inspire and empower our writing; each gate is an opening to explore and reveal our fresh words.

~Monthly 2-hour writing salons exploring the process of editing and revision

~Spoken word peerformance with an audience of invited guests.

~Collection of our writing


Cost for this 6 month mentorship including 

24 writing sessions

6 process/ revision salons

1 peerformance




For more information, *payment options and to register, email me here.


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