Discover writing as a path of tending your life—blooms, thorns, and all.

                                         Empower yourself through committing to a full season in the garden.


Together we will walk through the Gates of Loving Inquiry, and practice Writing Freely, Reading Aloud, Listening Deeply and Bearing Witness in a process of respect, reciprocity and generative response.

During weekly two-hour sessions, guided meditations, timed writing exercises, imaginative explorations and a variety of provocative, heart-opening prompts will support you to experiment with different ways of telling and shaping your stories.

During three 30-minute individual one-to-one mentoring sessions, I will invite you to listen more closely to your words through asking curious questions that gently direct your attention to specific places in your writing that could benefit from further attention. 

Toward the end of our journey, you will be invited to work on a piece of writing to submit toward an anthology of the group. There will also be an opportunity to participate in a virtual spoken word  “peerformance” with an audience of invited guests.



  1. Gathering our stories through creative play & deep listening

  2. Accessing fresh forms of language in written & spoken expression

  3. Reveling in the embodiment of our imaginative, intuitive feminine power

  4. Developing themes, images, myths & metaphors emerging in our writing

  5. Encouraging the diversity & particularity of each other’s voices

  6. Nurturing right relationship to the earth & all beings


Larger Vision:

Committed to creating a culture of kindness, respect, and compassionate witness through the transformative act of writing and sharing our stories,

we enter the garden to care for the planet, its people and all beings.

we enter the garden to connect, honour and challenge, grow and respond.

we enter the garden to nurture ourselves, listen to our ancestors, love our children and our children’s children.

we enter the garden to explore our voices and expand our visions for our lives, and all life. 




Mondays 4-6pm

September 19-December 5, 2022


      $2400 Standard 

                  (the regular fee)

      $1800 Supported 

                  (if you need to pay less)

      $3000 Supporter

                 (so that another writer may benefit). 


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Praise for Writing with Ahava:


“This is a sacred place where your work is so lovingly held. Ahava has writing prompts that come right from the heart.”   Jacqui

“It was lovely to connect with myself and the other beautiful women. I found it very supportive and healing. Ahava, you have a kind, gentle, patient energy about you which allows space to be creative and messy without judgement.” Donna

Read what other students say about writing with Ahava here…

A garden as a setting for humans is beautiful only insofar as it helps us mitigate the more violent aspects of our culture and brings us into deeper understanding of shared relationships across species…

A garden is an interpretation, and as a result is as fallible as we are in our knowledge and beliefs, which change through discovery and practice.

—Benjamin Vogt