These photos were taken by my friend Karen Love at my poetry CD launch in the beginning of December. The beautiful felted scarf I am wearing was woven by another friend Jaime Marie Murdoch.

I took to the stage after my two co-presenters, Chris Smart and Rowan Percy had warmed the audience with their poems.


I shared poems from my new spoken word CD, Love is Like This, from my first book of poetry, Womb: Weaving of My Being and from my PhD thesis Through the Gates of Loving Inquiry: Where the Heart Opens into Relationship.


There is something so delicious about being up there, eyes closed, speaking my poems aloud. A woman at my recent performance at the SFU Writers Series in Vancouver said she heard a lot of movement in my writing. That’s how it is when I perform, the words move through me and my body moves too. Several other women remarked that they were inspired by how much fun I was having.


At times I still get scared of performing, putting my words out there. What if people will judge me, or reject me?  However I keep learning that when I share my passion and what deeply matters to me, what makes my heart sing, then others are inspired to seek their own passion and let themselves do what they love, for the joy of it.

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