In honour of the Gate of Interconnection here are three poems from my CD Love is Like This, three photos by Salt Spring photographer Shari Macdonald and three quotes by French feminist philosopher Luce Irigaray that speak to how we are inextricably linked one to another.



Luce Irigaray (2002) says, “Silencing what we already know is often more useful in order to let the other appear”



In order to be able to welcome the other, a certain fullness must be restored, which escapes the control of the will. Time is indispensable for such a reconstitution which will permit the memory of oneself, of the other, of their difference and of their approach. Luce Irigaray


Attraction is often awakened by the difference between two worlds, by the mystery that the one represents for the other… Such an approaching can exist in the respect of two familiarities which wed without cancelling each other out.

Now it’s your turn…Choose images, poems, stories, any pieces of art and quotes by favourite authors or philosophers. Or go out and take some photos of your landscape. Look for interconnections based on the number 3, or pick a number that inspires you, or a word.

Have fun, and drop me a note about what you learn. I’ll give away another CD to the third comment I receive. Happy hunting: )