The performance of a new story or role can transform a person’s life, but only if the story is performed for the correct audience… a person arrives at a sense of authenticity in life through the performance of his or her stories to an appreciative audience, with a sense of that the play fits what is expected.

Coyote Stories, Lewis Meal-Madrona

Last spring I co-facilitated the first phase of a new project in my community on Salt Spring called Home Words-Writing in Community in which I trained a group of multigenerational writer/facilitators in Writing Alone Together, a practice that cultivates compassionate community through writing and sharing our creative expression aloud.

Through the Home Words project, a group of Salt Spring writers facilitated four week writing groups with community members of diverse ages and backgrounds. In each group, the facilitators invited writers to explore their experiences of home. Some facilitators are continuing to deliver workshops to groups locally and elsewhere.

Phase 2 of Home Words begins Fall 2018. Stay tuned for more details.

The teacher’s most important work is to create conditions whereby students are able to enter into a world of inquiry that is new and interesting… If teachers love what they are teaching and invite students into an inquiry of that subject matter, both the teacher and the students will experience love.

Brent Davis, Rebecca Luce-Kapler & Dennis Sumara