We are the continuation of our father and mother, like the plant of corn is the continuation of the seed of corn.   Thich Nhat Hanh



We are always on our way to somewhere else. That is the nature of being alive, of relationships. It is also the wisdom of the natural world and the nature of a subjectivity that is multiple, shifting, flexible.  If we can recognize our shifting natures, our ability to shift, and our shiftiness, the multiplicity that characterizes our personalities, the competing and conflicting identities, then we can understand more deeply the nature of being human, of being socially and historically and culturally conditioned. We can also make choices on how we engage with others, knowing that they too are flexible, changeable, multiple. This understanding can help us to become more available to question, resist and disrupt the stereotypes and labels. To accept that we are all way more complex and multidimensional than we have been led to believe.



Letting be and being with, being with and writing into, imagining the possibilities of our connections, reconnections. The joy is in the journey, the movement from closed to open to closed to open, from one to many. We accept the similarities and we accept the differences, we do not expect the other to become as we wish. We leave room for the other to come into their fullness, learn to feel comfortable with surprises.



Relationships are full of surprises, unpredictable, messy.  The joy is in the inquiry, loving the journey, showing up at the gates, with attention, preparing for the encounter; fiddling with the clasp or chain or bolt, discovering which way the door swings; honouring the path it takes to meet, to see, to experience our uniqueness, our unknown, our humanity, our sparkle.



I don’t have to agree with you. I can misunderstand you, disapprove of what you are doing to yourself or others. And I can still recognize our connection, honour that we are human together, alive together.



Who are you? How might you make room for your multiplicity of identities? How might you honour your shiftiness? I invite you to write a poem ,or paint an image that opens you to understanding more about who you are!