This is an opportunity to commit to your own writing, guided by a skilled mentor

and encouraged by a supportive group of writers.



How We Do it:


~ A set time each weekday to freely write your stories, your way.

~ A beginning meditation to help you settle into the mood to write.

 ~ Prompts to support you to write authentically.

~ A safe place to listen deeply and discover your voice.

~ An atmosphere of respect, trust, confidentiality and non-judgment.



What We Do:



* First we enter into a short meditation to relax our bodies, connect to ourselves and prepare for the flow of writing.

*  Next we write for 30 minutes, supported by a prompt that invites us to open fully into our words and listen for what stories want to emerge from within us.

* Then we have a chance to share some words with each other about the ideas, images or feelings from our writing. 

* Once a week, we take time to share a piece of writing we have done. This is always voluntary, with no pressure. (The emphasis is on the writing here!)

* We complete each day with gratitude for our time together!


Why We Do it:


It takes discipline to show up at the page each day. Many of us don’t do it, even though we really (really) want to. There are so many other things pulling at our attention. Committing to a specific time each day, and having others to whom you are accountable, helps to mitigate the tendency to be distracted. There is also a feeling of shared purpose and intention. By creating a community to write in, we sense the value of not only our own writing, but also participating in the support of other writers.

No matter how we write, what we write about, or how we feel about our writing, the point is to get the words out. The act of writing each day is a practice that allows us to get familiar with our own creative process and to discover what we are capable of when we commit to our own self-expression.



Relax. Write. Discover. Witness.     Repeat.



Dates & Time:   (online via Zoom)


     November 7-Dec 2 2022     Monday – Friday 7-8am PST         (10-11am EST, 11-12pm AST, 4-5pm GMT, 11am-12pm +1 NZT)



$100 reserves your spot and demonstrates your commitment to yourself!

Then at the end of the month you “Pay What You Can” with a suggestion of $500.
I really do mean pay what you CAN. I don’t want to leave anyone behind. Those that are able to pay more, support those who need to pay less.


For more information and to register, contact Ahava here…



Praise for Writing with Ahava:


Setting aside and creating the space in my week and life is the most powerful thing. Having a group of women and the mentorship of Ahava feels like sweet permission for me to stop everything else (dishes, laundry…) and write. She is welcoming, gentle and kind; her soft approach allows the space for all words to be okay.”  Ciara Chamberlaine 


“Ahava is a clever crafter of safe space and encourages a curiosity into the writing process. Her settling us into the mood to write process was almost therapeutic.”  Denise McCracken


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Working on my writing is in a profound sense working on myself. Everything I come to understand about myself is a deepening of the potential for my own writing, because it is an increase in wisdom, in understanding, and in the possibility of empathy, without which no writing can ever be great.”


—Pat Schneider, The Writer as an Artist