Last week I received this exquisite handmade journal in the mail. I  was on my way into the garden to do some weeding when my farm-mate brought it over to my studio. I had to take off my purple gloves to undo the white paper packaging it had been mailed in.


The journal is a part of a year-long project called Unconventionally inspired 12.  Each woman has one month with the journal to write. Having already traveled almost all the way around the world, it was supposed to have arrived here about a month ago, but the mail strike in Canada made that impossible. Since the mail service resumed about a week ago, I had been  excitedly anticipating its presence.


I lay it down on the off-white blanket that hangs on the side of my comfy white chair in my studio.  It needed a rest, had been in transit for quite some time, and in unfamiliar settings. The last place it had rested in known hands was in Maine. Although I’m sure the mail carriers took good care of it.


I took a whole evening to read the entries that artfully and heartfully grace its pages. There inside are the most beautiful images, words, inspirations, reflections, revelations, and celebrations. Life in its rich, unpredictable, sorrowful and joyous fullness resides here.

Now it’s my turn to add my voice to the five voices already elaborated…