One thing is certain, and I have always known it—the joys of my life have nothing to do with age.     May Sarton


This coming Tuesday I will turn…wait for it….okay….here it comes…..45. Yes! The middle of my 40’s is here.

I have to admit, I have loved every second of them so far. What’s not to like? I have made it through the turbulent and uncertain twenties, past the  striving, perfectionist thirties, and am now enjoying the gloriously alive and strategic forties.

I am focused on doing what I love, through practicing and teaching Loving Inquiry. Even more so, I am loving who I am. Not just the everyday eating-sleeping-teaching-mentoring-writing-dancing-speaking me. The me that is also unknown, changing, boundless and full of possibilities. Not only the me that succeeds, also the me that stumbles, falters, makes mistakes and does embarrassing things.

I am also loving the joyful, playful, colourful me. And listening to her too! She tells me what she wants me to do, where she wants my energy to go and how she needs me to take care of her.


Do you have a joyful, playful you inside who is wanting some attention? What would you need to do to let her out? In a few days I will be sharing a special offering that I am planning for spring, one that I hope will allow you to get in touch with your joy and make it more a part of your daily life.

Until then, give yourself a chance to play today! You’ll benefit it immensely. Choose something that you know your inner joy will love, and do it!!  I’d love to hear about it too!!