and as I stitch my story
together bit by bit
a scar for each hard journey
one stitch one stitch one stitch

Jane Mackenzie

Women owning our power and using it strategically and collaboratively is what our planet desperately needs.

Marianne Williamson


I sit here and savour the peace of a moment of reflection inside the swirling wonder of the FULLNESS of this time. I have heard from many other women in my community that there is a fire burning within them. They are feeling called to create, to offer up their cherished visions, gifts and talents for the benefit and betterment of our world.

We sisters are in a very abundant creative cycle, bursting with the fruits of many labours of love and Loving Inquiry. So it is with such tremendous joy and excitement that I let you all know about an astonishing event coming up in the next two weeks:

Pieces of Her Story: A Festival of Women’s Voices at Artspring on Salt Spring Island

A two-week multi-media art show in the Gallery.  Friday November 7 to Wednesday November 19, 10-5pm daily. Join me for an inspiring exhibit of literary, textile, floral and mixed media art by students of A Year to Love ™.

Celebrate the blossoming artistic expression of this amazing group of women. Witness their stories of Resistance, Resilience and Reverence.

To learn more about what else is happening at the festival, read the Salt Spring Driftwood article.

And I will happily see you there….