Because I write for, I write from, I write starting from: Love. I write out of love. Writing, loving: inseparable. Writing is a gesture of love. 

Hélène Cixous

As an artist and meditator who has spent three decades on a journey of self-love, I’m here to support you to use your creativity and the power of your mind and imagination to create new patterns of thinking that can cultivate a whole new way of looking at, talking to, and being with yourself. 

Imagine showering yourself with a love that is never-ending, that is constantly being replenished.

You can do this!!

Do you struggle with negative self-talk?
Do you hear a lot of inner criticism for things you have done or not done?

During our weekly hour-long sessions, you will be guided to practice simple creative writing and meditative techniques that will allow you to profoundly shift your relationship with yourself.
You will then be supported to use these simple 5-15 minute practices throughout your week.

It’s easier than you think!

The hardest part is giving ourselves permission to love ourselves and to receive that love when we send it our way.

I have been practicing this kind of creative self-love for so long, I know how it works, and what stops it from flowing. I can show you how to do this, with ease and grace.

Investment: $125 for a single session
or $380 a month for 3 months

Let me help you recover the kind, gentle open-hearted relationship with yourself that is your birthright. You so deserve it!

I would love to support you to have the love in your life you desire and deserve. And it’s right here, if you know how to create it and receive it.

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Gentle support to love yourself and embrace your creative power.



 Embark on a nourishing process of creative self-discovery. Write your story and free your unique voice. Become a compassionate witness to yourself.

I will help you embrace your authentic expression. Through my open-hearted, intuitive listening, you will learn to love yourself and honour your life experience.

Connect with me for a One-to-One session to start your journey now.