Join me for a powerful mentorship program
designed to free your creative potential.

 Learn to unleash your creative impulses, free your voice and tell your stories, your way.

As a writer, you need:


  1. Time, focus and support to develop the courage and confidence to open to your unique expression and explore your authentic voice. 

  2. Love and compassion for yourself as you explore your life stories and experience the alchemical healing of art.

  3. A safe, nurturing space to transform the blocks to putting your words on the page and/or hands on the keyboard.

Is it time to birth your words and your creative power in the world?


 * Slow down and listen within for the creative impulse

* Identify beliefs and behaviours that stop you from writing freely

* Become a compassionate witness for yourself and others


Do you…


~deny your desire to write?

~judge and compare your words to others?

~think writing about your life would be selfish?

~feel what you write is never good enough?

~see others around you as writers, but not yourself?

~feel afraid to share your writing?

I will help you:


~ Make your writing a priority

~Write about what deeply matters to you

~Embrace the unique ways you like to write

~Transform old patterns of doubt, distraction and perfectionism

~Recognize and value your authentic voice

~Share your writing with confidence and joy

Let me help you listen to the stories inside you that want to be let out and guide you to find the courage and the confidence to express your authentic voice. 

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 Make a commitment to yourself and your writing! 

Discover your authentic voice.

Tell your unique stories.

Join a vibrant community of writers.

Start your journey of Loving Inquiry today!