It’s a special time of year: twinkling lights, harmonies of holiday music and the cultural delicacies we have waited for all year-long. A unique time to pause and be grateful for just this breath, this moment’s presence, the gift of this life with its mundane pleasures: taking a walk along a favourite path, receiving loving words from a good friend, having a happy, productive day at work.
Amidst the overwhelm of last minute shopping and the dealing with awkward family dynamics, try to give yourself some moments of pure peace simply by connecting to your physical body and feeling it grounded in the space where you are.
Find a quiet, comfortable place. Sit for a few moments. Or Stand. Still. and Listen to your heartbeat. Give thanks for being alive.
One thing I love to do during this time is to create some space for looking back at the year that is passing to reflect on how it has been for me. Some questions I ask myself are:
1. How did I Listen to my heart and its creative longings this year?
2. What challenges or vulnerabilities did I Open to and how did I grow through them?
3. Which moments, events or experiences did I especially Value? Why?
4. What new or forgotten parts of me do I want to Embrace in the year ahead?
Using the four letters of the word LOVE, gives some structure to the reflection. And LOVE, for me, is what it’s all about. Without my ability to love myself and others, do what I love, and be with those I love, life would be very different.
During the next month, you might want to set aside some alone time to reflect on how you loved in the past year and how you are going to love in the coming year.