There is an intimacy here that includes you.     David Abram

My partner and I spent 5 days in Tofino over the holidays, on the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island. We stayed at a beautiful seaside  lodge and spent our days walking, reading, writing, eating and resting. It was such a welcome respite from the busy days of December. We left our laptops and business plans at home, promising to stop each other whenever one of us started to speak about work. Instead we listened to each other speak about the year behind us, taking time to reflect on our relationship.



In Tofino, I also reconnected with my relationship to the natural world. Because life has been so full of tasks necessary for living, I have neglected to pay attention to the beauty and intimacy of life on the farm. Being in a new place helped me to remember the joy and balance I feel when I take the time to be present to the world around me.



Serenaded by the rhythmic pulse of the sea and sheltered by the luxurious green cape of the forest, I felt at home again, embraced, at ease. Walking on the beach, I relaxed into this watery landscape, imagined my body entering the waves. Hoping for the arms of the sea to enfold and hold me. Letting thoughts and worries disappear into the wild blue expanse. My whole being needed this deep exhalation.



How did you spend your holidays? Were you able to take some time for reflection? for exhalation?