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Welcome to Strong On the Inside, a project funded by the BC Arts Council through the ArtStarts in Schools program, SD 64, and Opus Art Supplies, Victoria.

Aertist-facilitators Ahava Shira and Sam Barlow meet with a group of students weekly at the high school. During the program, students:

  • explore their creativity through artistic experiments in the written and spoken word, collage and visual storytelling
  • engage in philosophical and ethical conversations on resiliency, social competence and empowering positive potential
  • develop the confidence, freedom and nurturing supportive of a group to shape and share their unique expressions

Strong On The Inside immerses students in a dynamic artistic community that values the unique positive potential of each member within the diverse expressive cohesion of the group. Students practice individual and collaborative creative experimentation, and reflect in their journals and in artist-facilitator led conversations on the process of their art-making. Weekly meetings give the students ongoing opportunities to co-direct the art-making process and discern its impact on their growing inner strength and resilience.