We live in a world that is as complex as it is dynamic. Our interdependence with others and the world beyond ourselves is a fact, not an option. We are surrounded by other people and countless nonhuman species, by made and natural objects of the most extraordinary variety, by every imaginable kind of sensual and intellectual stimulation… Observing which events and experiences actually come into your awareness and find their way into your journal writing will help make you much more actively aware of what underpins your life—and the ceaselessly dynamic relationship between your inner and outer worlds.         Stephanie Dowrick                                                 


Another beautiful retreat with my Loving Inquiry mentoring group has come and gone. For 4 hours we shared, wrote, read, spoke, laughed, cried and held each other in the gaze of our love. We claimed our voices, passions and compassion. We shared our deepest vulnerabilities and our sweetest possibilities.

As I sit in my studio, empty now save the candles glowing in the middle of the room, I am feeling grateful for the opportunity to take this creative and spiritual  journey with such powerful, soulful women. As their teacher, I create a sacred healing space to help them reach their highest dreams and strongest visions. However, this is not a one-way journey. While I am teaching, I am also learning. Everything I offer, I receive generously in return.

It is reciprocal, multidimensional, always in process and always in flux. Today some of the women were not able to be here, either because they were sick or having had to focus on other necessary commitments. We held their spirits in our hearts as we walked through the gates of Perception and Interdependence. We savoured the preciousness of our time together, delighting in the teachings and the wisdom gleaned.

It takes time, patience, a willingness to welcome other teachers, to recognize when there is something that someone else can offer to the group. Today my dear friend and writing colleague Lynda Monk facilitated the first half of the afternoon retreat, offering the women her beautiful and accessible Life Source Writing Practice as a tool for deepening and expanding their journal writing. Her presence provided a gift of understanding and clarity.

Accepting with grace and humble acceptance that I do not have to do this work alone, and am not meant to. None of us are. We are all here to teach and learn from each other. As an orange bookmark on my desktop says “We need each other to flourish”.