“It’s my pleasure!”

I find myself saying this a lot in my life when someone thanks me for giving them something, whether it’s a mentoring session, help with their bags, a ride to town or a compliment about their outfit. “It’s my pleasure!” are the first words out of my mouth after they thank me. And it’s true, it is my pleasure to give.

I just love how incredibly fantastic it feels to know that I am contributing in some small way to someone else’s joy and happiness.

Here are 10 ways I’ve recently practiced generosity with others that have been “my pleasure”?

1. Listening to a friend’s story and being open without judgement to what they had to say.

2. Sharing an unpolished poem on the radio so that others feel the permission to be unpolished too!

3. Shopping in the Tuesday farmer’s market and making a fresh salad for my lover and I out of the local ingredients.

4. Reducing the rate for a workshop so that someone who really needs to be there but cannot afford it can come.

5. Building a shelf for a friend when she was at work so she didn’t have to do it when she was tired at the end of the day.

6. Letting the person I’m with decide what we do for the evening because they had a stronger need than I did.

7. Choosing to be silent in a group so that others had more time and space to receive the coaching they need.

8. Asking someone how they were doing because I know they’ve been having some challenges.

9. Doing the dishes after our meal even though it was my lover’s turn to wash them.

10. Helping a client to see how beautiful their voice is and how much their writing offers others.