Experience writing as a catalyst for personal growth, creative self-expression and mutual support.

Discover a place of connection and belonging in a circle of creative inspiration and compassionate witness.

Through the four practices of Writing Alone Together, you will learn to:

  • Write from your heart

  • Tell your personal and imaginative stories

  • Connect more deeply with yourself and others

  • Develop gentle practices for self-reflection and self-care

  • Embrace your creativity with playfulness and joy

Words of Praise for Writing Alone Together:

I loved the different prompts you gave us to inspire me to learn new ways of connecting to myself through journaling. It was a very tender, caring, and supportive energy for me. 

Julie Howard

I just wanted to thank you for the journaling group! What an inspiring, potent space of creative rejuvenation! I am buoyed by this experience and the women I met there. So great. Enlivening. Beautiful. 

Jill Banting

I so value my meeting Ahava and beginning this process. Anything on the page, shared within the space was safe, respected and heard, as well as joyfully received. 

Ciara Chamberlaine

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