Today is a child

full of wonder

a radiating light


Today reaches out to you

asks for your hand

a kiss on its forehead

clings to the hem of your heart

and expects you will be there

over and over

despite the hours you already played

read, danced in the garden

Today opens your eyes

forgives mistakes you made

it forgets the old doubt

lost call, missed contract

Today wraps you up in its arms

and listens to you

grateful for the soft fur of morning

warm milk of afternoon

dark web of sun going to sleep

behind houses

Today changes your clothes

combs your hair

waits and waits for the tantrum to


Today your own face faces you in the mirror

discovers your sweet spot for spirit

nestles your body in a hug

woven of the goodness inside you

Today life has given you everything

you ever secretly wanted

and it is walking you all

the way home