I love the new year. What a wonderful moment! Standing on the precipice between what has been and what will be, it is a powerful opportunity to be fully here and to remember what matters to us.

Here on the farm it is cold. Everywhere the ground is frozen white. Trees are bare and stark. All the colour is gone. Well, that’s only if I see it that way. If I choose to look closer, there is still lots of colour and even more texture to be seen and appreciated. I love the way the branches look like baroque candelabras, poised and burning with the wisdom of this internal season.


Sunrises are truly firey this time of year, while the creek outside my studio ebbs and flows depending on the amount of rainfall. There is a haunting sensation, a curious mix of stillness and shadow. “Anything is possible,” the land whispers, reminding us to pay attention to our intentions for the coming year.

Have you welcomed the changes over the past year, whether of age  or other circumstance? Are you aware of what your emotional needs are now? What about your spiritual needs?  Do you know your heart’s deepest desires? How are you relating to the ones that are around you, to family, colleagues, community? And to yourself? Are you able to hold a space for compassion for yourself as you continue to learn this joyful, complex dance called human being?


In my experience it takes steady, committed effort to keep our minds, bodies and spirits aligned to our purpose. We must be willing to ask for help, to recognize when we have gone too long without a pause, a nap or a weekend retreat to gather our strength again. If we can remember that this is an improvisation, that we do not have all the lines memorized, that the script isn’t ever fully written, then we can allow ourselves  to practice being the beginner, again and again. As the lovely title from Pema Chodron’s book suggests, there is always the possibility to “start where you are”.

Whatever is happening for you today, tomorrow, or in any given moment, give yourself permission to be the rookie student of life, the one who doesn’t have to know-it-all. And drop me a note at, I’d love to hear about how it goes! Or if you are tired of the feeling of having two left feet and would like to learn how to step into the joy of the dance you are meant to dance, sign up for my mailing list and receive weekly practices for finding your passion and compassion.

May your year be full of peace, and joy, and love.