Whichever way we look into the nature of inquiry, we find that it has to be open. When you inquire into something, you are opening it up, you are revealing it.

So the very nature of inquiry is a process of opening up; and what you open up are boundaries, limits, positions, beliefs—any stand you may be taking about what you are experiencing.

We can say that inquiry is a process of always opening and opening and opening, endlessly and freely.  And it opens from any place, from any direction, from any level, from any position.

A H. Almaas

I have been searching for love for many years, perhaps lifetimes. Writing has been an intrinsic part of that search.

Through writing, I have been learning how to love, to nurture it and sustain it. Not only in my relationships with intimate partners. In all my relationships, as a teacher, a student, a daughter and a sister, a woman and a human being, and as a being amongst others in the universe, a being amongst many diverse beings.


Just as writing is a practice I turn to over and over again. So is loving. It is not something that happens once. It is not something we do, like tie our shoes first thing in the morning and then that’s it, we don’t have to think about it again until we bend down to untie them at the end of the day.

In order to love we must act over and over again in ways that show our love to ourselves and others. Just as with writing, in which we put our pens to the page over and over to claim and sustain our creative lives.



Unfortunately we have learned well how to unlove: how to judge, discriminate, stereotype, bully, avoid, deny. In order to unlearn these habits we need more awareness of our actions and thoughts than we normally have. I call them habits because they are ways of being that we have practiced for many years and generations. We often do them because they are automatic, unconscious.




Just as have habits which keep us in a state of unlove, we also have habits which keep us from our writing lives: Fears, blocks, doubts, expectations.


Loving Inquiry is a practice that wakes us up from these habits, teaches us to pay attention, so we can see them as they are happening and in that seeing, to recognize the unlove and choose love instead.

Through mindful attention to our experience, in the body, through our senses, we discover how to choose patience over worry, and acceptance over judgement. We find space to move into our writing with joy and ease, excitement and curiosity.


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Through artful and heart-full exploration, we learn to let go of old ideas about who we thought we were, or who others were. We also learn to expand our perception of ourselves and others as multiple, diverse and colourful beings. In doing so we are able to appreciate the uniqueness of each being and their unique creative expression, while understanding the interconnectedness of all of our voices, stories and presence.




Loving inquiry is practiced differently depending on who you are and how you experience the world. There are multiple ways to approach it. We each have our own way of inquiring.

What is yours? Would you like support to discover what your way of loving is? Contact me here!