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        Empower your voice through memoir. Care for yourself with words. 


This is an invitation to write and tell your stories, in a warm and nourishing space online, where we will meet, connect, respond and witness each other in our process of creative expression. Through guided meditations and timed writing exercises, we will experiment with different ways of looking at and writing our experience and explore a variety of forms to shape our story.


I’ve been writing for over 30 years, and in that time I have discovered that writing is an act of self-care and self-love. Taking the time to write and shape my story, to put words to my thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires, conflicts and difficulties is healing. Sharing my writing with others in a safe space where my voice is listened to with unconditional acceptance is deeply fulfilling. Doing this over and over, in a circle of respectful witness and supportive encouragement creates a shift internally for myself and the group. We learn to hold space for all our stories, to honour the complexity and immensity of our experience, and to celebrate the power and beauty of our voices and our lives.



In this 6 week journey, we will use the four practices of Writing Alone Together (Cutler, Monk & Shira, 2014)

                                —Writing Freely, Reading Aloud, Listening Deeply & Bearing Witness—

                                                              to explore the following themes:


1. Making known our intentions for writing and our obstacles to following through

2. Inquiring into the limitations and liberating possibilities of memory & truth-telling

3. Revealing our stories through embodied awareness and visual imagery

4. Resourcing play and joy for imaginative nourishment and artistic freedom

5. Opening to compassion and kindness as necessary companions on the journey 

6. Receiving support for ourselves and our writing lives as vital to our creative growth


Dates/ Times:


    November 9-December 14   Wednesdays 10am-12pm PST



$450 Standard
  (the regular fee)

$400 Supported
(if you need to pay less)

$500 Supporter
(so that another woman may benefit)


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Praise for Woman in Mirror


“Being in this class has provoked a different relationship with myself. Not the inner critic, a whole different dialogue. I want to keep it going.”  J. Chase


“I have been holding other people’s stories for so long that I forgot I even had a story and that it too, needs to be told.” S. Kowalchuk


“I love the quotes and prompts, and then what surprised me was how easy the writing came. I feel vulnerable when I share my work but this was such a warm and safe space and then the feedback – wow. So wonderful. I felt really seen and appreciated. And then to reciprocate by honouring someone else’s amazing writing – very poignant and connecting.”   K. Porter


Having this course to explore my healing and the effects of my marriage, in a new way, writing, was very great.” M. Rose


“This work is about lovingly deconstructing barriers to exploring your mind, and reconstructing gentle, loving space that honours writing. I want to keep exploring being myself and share that growth. I think this work is very important.”  K. Aitken



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“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”
             Brené Brown