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Develop your confidence to write & share your words in a circle of creative women


       A warm and welcoming space providing emotional safety so you can  fully express yourself! 


Have you been talking for years about writing a memoir and now that you are retired, feel that it’s time to start?

 Or maybe you want to get back into writing and are hoping to get started on a regular writing practice?

Perhaps you feel lost, ungrounded or uncertain about what’s next, or have been holding other people’s stories for so long that you forgot you  have a story and that it too, needs to be told?



Then it’s time to give yourself the gift of your own expression!




Woman in Mirror will support you to

  • Find your voice and have the courage to use it and speak it.

  • Develop your confidence to share things you haven’t spoken before.

  • Write freely while exploring different styles and forms of writing.

  • Belong to a supportive circle of nourishing creativity & connection.

  • Accept your writing & believe that what you have to say matters.



the next
Woman in Mirror begins

Late-April and runs for 6 weeks.

Two hours a week of guided meditation, writing prompts, sharing with other writers and compassionate creative support to start to get your words out and take them further and deeper.


Also includes 


Free-Write days 
one-hour of guided writing practice + time for questions to support your memoir writing


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What writers say about Woman in Mirror:

This is an opportunity to become free with your writing. The safety and support will allow your creative spirit to shine and come forward. It will give you permission to open up.     Sheila


I feel really held by who you are and how you guide the space, and part of that is not just your expertise, but who you are as a human and the way that you give feedback. Whether it’s to me or anybody else, you are so gracious about it all.      Joni


Ahava created a space of growth and reminded us it is okay to feel. She mirrored the voices found through our writing which helped us to feel the power of our own wisdom and words.     Christine


I found these last 6 weeks nourishing because it has allowed me to write about things that feel burdensome on my heart or that preoccupy my mind without me fully realizing it until I write.        Katie


It would be wonderful to have your presence in the circle.


For more information and to register now, email me here.


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Watch the video below to experience the safe and supportive space that Ahava creates.



“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”
             Brené Brown