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Loving Inquiry is a practice that invites us to slow down and pay closer attention to our lives, by leading us on a journey of creative exploration and spiritual contemplation.

Through Loving Inquiry, we cultivate and nurture an ongoing, moment to moment attention to our lives. As we reflect on our thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams, desires, challenges and creative visions, in words, we learn about who we are and what matters to us. We uncover our unique voices—as well as our blocks and challenges—and discover how to share them in the world.

I work with writers who want to explore their creativity, and to express themselves metaphorically, poetically, playfully, spiritually. Over the past 15 years, I have been inspired to develop and evolve the practice of Loving Inquiry into a transformative practice for personal reflection, creative growth, emotional healing and spiritual nourishment.

Through this nurturing and supportive practice, I support writers to become their most authentic creative selves. Sometimes these are  women who are looking for respite from care-taking others, what want to stop ignoring and neglecting themselves.

I also work with youth who are just discovering their writing voices and the power they possess to tell their stories in their unique ways.

I love this practice and how it creates a sacred space for passionate and compassionate learning. Through writing, we gain access to our truths and hard-won inner wisdom. We dive in and resurface with new awareness of ourselves and our heart’s belonging.

Through Loving Inquiry, we acknowledge our deep feelings and recognize our self worth. We are inspired and provoked to write poems, stories, screenplays, and other forms of written expression. Through sharing my own experiments with language and the written and spoken word, I encourage and invite my students to play at it themselves.

Paying attention to our inner lives through writing and art-making can save us. The telling is the thing. It makes the unconscious, unexamined life into experience which we can contemplate, question and challenge if desired. Walking through the gates, we open to more expansive and inclusive ways of being and living. We create new stories that help us to be with our joys and difficulties. We learn to practice acceptance  and forgiveness. We honour our personal stories and trust our intuition as we witness the emergence of our authentic voices.

Loving Inquiry is a path to healing, reconnecting us to our aliveness and bringing us back into harmony and wholeness.

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